Monday, 9 April 2012

Varing shades of greens and textures that are found within the Forest

Over easter one of the items on the "to do list" was take the dogs for a good walk around the Forest of Dean.

This we managed albeit on a very soggy day but I did enjoy taking photographs and looking more closely at the textures, colours and freshness that we found on our trip and I think it was enhanced by the fact that it was raining as it made some of the colours "fresher looking".

New buds

Lime greens
Green Spruce
New Shoot of fresh green against the dark browns
My favourite picture of the twisted leaves
The leaves of the Bluebells


Crisp White
Varying shades of browns and textures
Fresh green bamboo
Autumnal reds of Ivy in Spring!
Dogs enjoying the mud
This is Indie! The light was bad so I could not catch him running in the  conventional sense but I like this.

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