Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter table

Little Mr man is on school holidays having great fun with his pals which is lovely but I do miss spending time with him so I made an executive decision and have booked next Tuesday and Friday off to spend with him.

On Tuesday I am very excited as for anyone that watches BBC Countryfile will know about Adam's Farm which I love watching as it is a lovely place to visit and they are in the middle of lambing so will be awesome.

We are also hoping to take Indie and Willow to the Forest for a great run one day and down to Bream Sands another day, which will be such fun watching Indie meet the sea for the first time!

I am also looking forward to working on my crotchet blanket and my lovely kid silk cardi.

Also my folks will meet beautiful Indie for the first time which will be great. 

For those that have seen my Race for Life post I said Indie would be having a coat specially made, so here is my angel modelling it.

So hope everyone has an awesome weekend and I look forward to posting some pictures next week.

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  1. Ohhh.. your dog is adorable in that pink ruff and jacket! Thanks for stopping to visit my blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)