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100th post

I am on my 100th blog post!!!!

To celebrate I would love it if people could pop over to Race for Life and sponsor me for the walk me and my lovely dog Willow are doing on Sunday.

We have been "training" for months and have it down to a fine art now!

I have exceeded my wildest dreams in collecting sponsorship money but am unashamidly asking for more as it is all to a good cause.  So please pop over and sponsor us.

Thanks everso.

Snails and flowers

It started off with a photograph of a snail then I decided to take pictures of the front garden which all bare the lavender has been grown from seeds we have collected.

Symonds Yat Rock

Today was an inpromtu visit to Symonds Yat in the Forest of Dean.  It is only an hour at the most drive for us but such a tranquil place consisting of water, forest, wildlife, exercise and fresh air!

We were armed with rucksack, packed lunch and two happy dogs ready for a days adventure.

Here is what we got up too.

We started at the top of Symonds Yat Rock which has a famous vantage point and regular visitors from RSPB.  We then worked down the very steep windy track to the rivers edge and followed the path along to Bibblins and across the bridge, (which for anyone that knows me will know was quite an achievement to get across!).  Then a lovely stroll through the woods on the other side of the bank.

We then reached the ferry crossing but unfortunately due to the very fast flowing and high river the hand drawn ferry which I was really looking forward to go on was not running so back the way we came.  This turned out to be great as we spotted an awesome waterfall in the woods and a mass…

Finished cardi

Had a lovely creative weekend, yesturday the patch today I finished my cardi that took me three months to knit. To be honest I thought I took longer!

The yarn I bought from a lovely company called I have used Austermann Kidsilk is an alternative to the recommended Rowan Kidsilk Haze but the results are the same at cheaper cost.

Reuse recycle

I have a favourite pair of jeans which must be five + years, only drawback is they are getting thread bare on the knee.However problem solved as I went to my small stash of material remnants and picked out square I liked and with a small amount of sewing, ha presto a pair of jeans that will last a few more years.

Favourite Picture from Gardener's World show

The knitted Vegetable Garden

As part of my trip to Gardener's World I had to make sure I saw the "knitted garden".
It was created by Creative Moments craft group. It took over 70 volunteers approximately 8000 hours to make.  There aim was both terapeutic and to show families how easy it is to plan a vegetable garden which helps in the current economic climate and helps the environment. 
There is no official website to contact the group on but it is a brilliant idea and I am sure we will see more of the garden in cyber land.