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What a sunny weekend.

Oh my goodness I think the whole of England had the joy of hot sunny weather yesturday.

We took the dogs out early on the usual walk what glorious sight such blue sky against the green green grass.

On the way too and from the field is a lovely sight of chocolate, tan and cream Alpaca's running around the field, they have had their coats shorn (would love to know what they do with the fleece) and they look like they are sporting little socks, so sweet.

In anticipation of my exciting purchase of a teapot, I have narrowed the hunt down I have the teapot stand which I purchased on a school trip with my boy to the Black Country Musem which was a fantastic day out with 50 children.

I love the stand made from local slate and of course I had to pick a sheep design!

The garden is so colourful now I wanted to share it with you and keep a record for myself.  I have to confess I have no idea of either the Latern or English names for many plants in the garden, plus we are gathering seeds from…

Time for tea with Pinterest

Hi folks,

I haven't been on for a wee while due to my "creative" projects being long slow ones that will take a while to finish and share.

However I just wanted to share another ongoing enjoyment I have found in the world of Pinterest here is my boards I have created so far which I add to weekly.

My other bit of news I wanted to share was my big dilemma with a teapot!! You just don't realise how many lovely teapots their are out their till you start to look for one! 

This came about as my better half was due to buy tea bags as per normal on the weekly shop, but came home with "tea leaves", so then I bought a tea strainer last night, only to realise this morning I need a teapot to go with it!!  So I start the search on ebay to find a whole list of the lovely goodies and now can't pick from  Ebay teapots for one.

A friend also pointed out with a teapot must come a tea cosy!! how right they are :)

A little blog

Hello my lovely "followers" who have pressed that infamous button and to those who dip in and out of my blog.  Thank you for taking the time to look.

I apologise for not posting for a while as I have been working on a new lace project using Fyperspates Scrumptious DK yarn that I have designed. I am wanting to complete prior to trip to Turkey in August, although I'm sure it will be far to hot to wear it! but I like to give myself deadlines to work too. 

I have also sorted my next "jumper" project, from this months Knitting Magazine for the better half am just sourcing the yarn.

In the meantime I have also been slowly working on my lovely crotchet project, which is a mammoth project as I am making a blanket that goes round and round till it is double bed size!

Here are a couple of little pictures to show how it is growing.

So I shall keep knitting/crocheting and taking more pictures along with this weekend visiting Cheltenham Science Fair and watching the amazin…