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Forest of Dean mini break.

Whilst son is away on a school trip me and OH took a mini break not far from us to Forest of Dean.

I hope you enjoy my photo gallery I took over the space of two days.

We were based in the Ruardean Valley and our accommodation was literally 20 minutes walk to the look out point at Symonds Yat Rock. So a very beautiful part of the world.

The last image is of knitting project I took with me. This has to be the most scenic view I have had for a long time.

Mid October already!

I decided to make more effort with my blog after a lovely post from Anita saying "she loved dropping in and visiting my blog"

I start my images with the three wise monkey's! My son had an art project and asked me to pose for him.  I kind of like how the images turned out.

Next I wanted to share my lovely new purchase care of Ebay which will help me so much in terms of time saving.  Meet my new yarn swift it is just perfect for helping me wind the large amount of yarn I purchased from Yarndale this year!

Last weekend in readiness of the impending autumn/winter ahead I decided to add some autumn colour and loved the outcome of my winter Pansies' and Cyclamen, especially in my lovely Singer sewing stand.

For people new to my blog will be unaware of the lovely four legged friends we have in our house.  I do love taking them for walks and although I usual just walk around the streets near our home, as I do love garden watching, I also like to go into the local fields fr…