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Remberance Day

My son is in the army cadets, so each Remberance Day Service we head to town to watch with pride as he takes part in the service.

His platoon is part of the Gloucester Rifles whom many of my partners family have served with in the army.

Today's blog is a snap shot of the service today held in Cheltenham.

Release of my shawl or poncho design. "Coming Together"

When I was growing up I was very lucky as my mum took the time to teach and nurture my creative desire and taught me to knit.
I am so glad she did.  There is not a day goes by that I am not either knitting or doing some crotchet.
Last weekend my son took this lovely picture of us both crafting together. 
This year I set myself a challenge. I wanted to get back into designing.  I had the privilege of going to De Montfort University from 1994-1997 where I graduated with a BSc in Knitwear Design and Production.   It was an amazing experience, but I didn't really make the most of it upon graduation.
However my son is now growing up rapidly and I wanted to get back into my passion.
Over the years I have been lucky enough to meet two inspiring ladies who have helped build my confidence.  Jeni owner of Fyberspates has been such an amazing mentor and Maggie of Textile Garden has such faith in me and is always so encouraging.
Earlier this year I headed to Wonderwool I do love this show a…