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Cottage Garden Ripple Blanket

In December I started making my Attic 24 Cottage Garden Ripple Blanket.

The pack can be purchased from Wool Warehouse at an incredible £25 which includes the shipping costs for the whole blanket!!

The pack comes with an incredibly comprehensive tutorial which has been beautifully photographed in a step by step guide by Lucy aka Attic 24

However I was very fortunate and my dear friend Rosy who was up visiting over Christmas started me off on 29 December 2014 and was very very patient with me.

So here is the story in picture form of my blanket.

The blanket has been with me to Brean Sands whilst on holiday, to knit and natter's at Cafe Moochoo

Then finally the end was in sight.  I used all the colours up from the pack

So all that was left was to add an edging for the width as I wanted to keep the ripple effect top and bottom.

Bex from my knit night kindly let us have a rummage through her yarn stash she no longer wanted and I found the perfect colour in her stash that matched a c…