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Crafting and Winchcombe.

Inspired by One Sheepish Girl I decided to share my little craft room which is shared with my son for his school work.  I love having my magazines/books out, I do also have a collection in the attic having spent a few years being "seriously" crafty I just can not bear to part with my design side.  I love to see Meredith's "mood board" and spent many happy hours producing them when at college.

I have my final year project work in this little space and had a flick through some of the work I did along with the final cushion I designed which I still love to this day.

This week I decided to purchase some more stitch markers as I do find them very handy when knitting but like to have "nice" ones, so headed off to Folksy as I like to support British craft folk when I can and found these beautiful markers that I know I will love to use from Fabrics and Beads.

Generally in the week day nothing much changes from the norm of work, dog walk, chilling and bed. Bu…

A snowy week.

Here in the UK the weather has been getting slowly colder but this in turn meant that the skies have been becoming more dramatic.  This Tuesday I had to venture out before work and photograph the red sky in the morning, the colours are so diverse I love it.

My house is built in an area which is surrounded predominantly by council houses which are now either privately owned or still remain under the ownership of the council.  Over the past few months the council have been replacing the roofs of the properties they own and in some cases have also been installing solar panelled roofing.

I have only ever seen the completed roofs but on Wednesday the workmen started a project right by my house at 8am.  I could not believe the speed at which they worked in stripping the roof.

In the time it took me to photograph the slates coming off they had cleared one side in half an hour!  I then had to make my way to work and when I came home at 3.15 they had finished!!

I love Pinterest on many levels …