Sunday, 13 January 2013

My new photo diary.

This week has been a great week. 

It started off with very very exciting news of the unveiling of Attic 24 new venture.  For several years I have followed Luce's blog and not only admired her incredible work but also loved her photography.  Now I get to stay in The Woolly Sheep Inn but I can take my own photographs of Skipton for myself.

This excitement has spurred me into wanting to resurrect my love of photography as I am taking my faithful 35mm Canon camera with me with just a standard 50mm lens on. So I have decided to start photographing everyday things around me again in the hope I can do Yarndale trip and other adventures justice rather than just using my ipad and phone camera to make a blog.

So here is what happened this week....

I decided that it is lovely to try and have fresh flowers in the house where possible and put to good use the vessel we found on our trip last year to Preston-on-Wye.

Next my son is an incredible book worm once he finds books he enjoys and has read a 300 page book in a day and half.  His current favourite author is Robert Muchamore.

Along with reading and many many other hobbies Harry loves to cook.  He is entering the Scout cooking competition again this year and has started his 12 week term at school learning cooking.  So Penny (the resident cook in our house) decided to teach him how to make Spaghetti Bolognise, it was so lovely seeing them working together and can not wait to taste the end result.

On the knitting front I am making a shawl using Easy Knits Yarn I love the variety of colours he produces.

Finally I can not go without showing the beautiful Indie and bless tired Willow.  We have a local butchers we use for all our meat buying and it is win win as it is locally sourced free range meat and they give away the bones for free which Indie loves.

Then the final part of excitement was Danielle aka "A Stash Addict" posted answers I gave for her blog today My interview unfortunately I sent her the wrong link to my shawl design but she is kindly going to amend but here it is incase you would like it Shawl design.

Now I am off to watch son play football then get to do more knitting and read The Knitter Issue 53 which is great on many levels as it has a pattern by Kaffee Fassett shows Jeni from Fyberspates at work in Peru and features many lovely designs.  Not only that but Penny does not "do" magazines so for her to buy me one was very special.


  1. What a busy week - great photo's and how exciting to have been interviewed! Sx

  2. Ill lend you my new camera and see what wonders you can take with it!

  3. What a week! You take fabulous photos too. I'd love to go to Yarndale but unless it can be combined with something else then realistically I won't make it :( Keep taking the photos. Fiona x

  4. Hey you, that's lovely job here! Well done, your photos are awesome - that means you r a talented photographer, too :) Keep going. El xx