Saturday, 26 January 2013

Crafting and Winchcombe.

Inspired by One Sheepish Girl I decided to share my little craft room which is shared with my son for his school work.  I love having my magazines/books out, I do also have a collection in the attic having spent a few years being "seriously" crafty I just can not bear to part with my design side.  I love to see Meredith's "mood board" and spent many happy hours producing them when at college.

I have my final year project work in this little space and had a flick through some of the work I did along with the final cushion I designed which I still love to this day.

This week I decided to purchase some more stitch markers as I do find them very handy when knitting but like to have "nice" ones, so headed off to Folksy as I like to support British craft folk when I can and found these beautiful markers that I know I will love to use from Fabrics and Beads.

These two were and added freebie. I love the smiley face which I only noticed when photographing.

Generally in the week day nothing much changes from the norm of work, dog walk, chilling and bed. But on the weekend it is nice to do something a little different.  So this afternoon myself and son headed off to one of my favourite and closets Cotswold village of Winchcombe.  For those that have followed my blog for a couple of years will know I have done a few posts on events that have gone on.

After the snow which has now all but gone in Cheltenham it was still event here and there were still enough on the surrounding hills over to Winchcombe for kids to be out on their toboggans.

We headed off for a walk around the surroundings of Sudley Castle first then headed into Winchcombe high street and stopped off at the favourite cafe Lady Jane's Tea Room as the lovely owners let me take in Indie who sits very very patiently whilst me and H eat our delicious cakes.

My two favourite boys in the world!

I love this little cottage

We spotted a mini forest on one of the walls.

A new addition to the window display, just how adorable!!

Next week will be a busy week as I can not believe me and Mrs P are off to see the one and only Heather Peace as she is coming to our town and the tickets sold out in a very short time.  For those that have not heard of Heather she is an actress currently appearing in Waterloo Road but also is a very talented singer.  So as my early valentines to my beloved we are off to see her.

Have a great week folks.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Lady Jane's looks exactly the same as when I went in about 23 years ago with our eldest who was a baby at the time. We had just moved to Winchcombe for 6 months, then moved to another village close by and were in the area for 7 years. I need to revisit. Handsome boys you have there! Enjoy the concert :D Fiona x