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Malvern Autumn Show

For those that follow me will notice I have not posted for a while. This is for no other reason than have not had much to share, however today I took myself off to my nearby show ground for an amazing day out.

I didn't even see half the show as there is such a diverse variety of exhibitors to see from food, floral show, dog show, a massive wide variety of crafts to name but a few.

I had the pleasure of chatting to the following people who I promised I would mention in my blog.

Siobhan Jones who designs the most beautiful glaswork, her image is the row of washing made out of glass.

Muddle House Mosaics who's work is the mosaic sheep head which I adhoured.

Lastly Kevlin Willsher who informed me all about the benefits of joining Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust which I duely did.

Meadow in my Garden is a brilliant idea, I purchased a box of lovely seeds that cover 30 mtrs squared and is both annual and perennial so the front border will look amazing over the next few year.

So here i…