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My urban garden

For me gardening brings such joy.  I love seeing new life and every year it is always such a pleasure to see bulbs that I planted breaking slowly through and then giving such a great display.

I have lived in my urban garden in Gloucestershire fo 16 years now and I never get tired of it.  Gardening is a gentle, patient hobby that is so rewarding.

This morning I took a walk around and captured a few of the plants that are just looking so glourious.

Where is your "go too place to relax"?
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Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2019

This festival has been on my bucket list of must visits for a few year's.

For me my time in Edinburgh has not just been about yarn, it has been way way more.  It has been about a journey of beginning to believe in myself as a designer. Also about overcoming the anxiety of being away from my family.
It has been about having the confidence to go up to people I have never met and talking to them.

But it has also been about gathering inspiration and learning and boy does Edinburgh have inspiration by the bucket load!!!

The architecture is just beyond what I have seen before and the colours are just such an inspiration.

So please do enjoy journey I have taken over the last few days in picture form.

On my final day at the show I bought the Laine knitting journal, which will be so great for designing. But decided to grap the opportunity of creating the most perfect keepsake and ask people I admire to sign what ever they wanted.  The messages are so amazing and inspiring, thank you.

My urban garden.

I can't believe this time last week temperatures where about 17° and I spent a lovely few hours with my boy at Winchcombe.

Today is heavy rain, strong winds and storm Freya.  But before the rain set in too much I took the chance to photograph some of beautiful spring flowers that have suddenly popped up in the garden.

I am by no means an expert, but I know my garden brings me so much joy.

Do you have a hobby you love? I'd love to hear about it.

Winchcombe on a sunny day in February.

To new reader's of my blog welcome, to returning viewer's, hi and lovely to see you again.
This weekend the weather here in the UK has been incredibly mild considering it's February, in parts of the country the temperatures have beaten all time records.
I live in the Cotswolds, (sadly not in a picture postcard town), but if I drive just fifteen minutes I am in the beautiful town of Winchcombe
The history behind the town is fascinating.
Winchcombe was one of the four Gloucestershire boroughs mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. In the following centuries both town and abbey prospered, benefitting from the trade in wool from the surrounding farmland and, increasingly, from the economic benefits brought to the town by pilgrims. 
The nearby Sudeley Castle, was home to the young Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth I) and to Henry VIII’s widow, Katherine Parr in the sixteenth century.
Myself and my four legged companion Indie went on a four mile walk around the outskir…

The Victorian Arts & Crafts

I have recently been catching up on a programme very dear to my heart.
It was first prodcast in January this year on BBC 2.  But thanks to the ability of being able to watch programmes on catch up I have been able to watch this programme at my leisure.
So let me introduce you to it.  The Victorian House Of Arts and Crafts-series-1-episode-1

In this landmark living history series, a late 1800s Victorian arts and crafts commune in the Welsh hills has been painstakingly brought back to life as a group of 21st-century crafters move in to experience the highs and lows of living and working together as a creative commune. Over their month-long stay they are set to renovate four of the key rooms in the house.  In the first episode Anita Rani is joined by internationally renowned potter Keith Brymer Jones and arts and crafts expert and dealer Patch Rogers, as the six crafters are faced with the challenge of breathing life back into the Victorian parlour. Using original Victorian tools…