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Deckchair sock

Back on the day of Prince Harry's and Megan Markles wedding I decided to take my knitting and head to the lovely location of Slimbridge with my knitting.
I wanted to use up some ends of sock yarn that had been used but not completely on other projects.
I combined West Green Loft Yarn with the beautifully speckled yarn of Vicki Brown the colourway is Candyfloss.

I cast on and started the first toe while sat watching the River Severn eb and flow as the tide came in and went out.

I then went to the South Lake hide for a while.

I ended up at the Flamingo house.

I took them on holiday and sat in a tea room in Ilfracombe and did a few rows.

In June the Fushias where the perfect match with them.

Then at the beginning of July when the tea Rose and Hydrangea are in full bloom they we're finished.
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1st July summer day walk

I am still striving to keep up the steps, aiming for 10,000 six days a week.  As it was another great day I decided to head out around Cheltenham.

As I walked passed the racecourse I realized the annual Cheltenham 5k and 10k race for Life event was on.

 A stop off at Wyevale Garden Centre. My little routine means that I get a nice refreshing drink, buy one or two small plants for the garden and have a short rest here.

I do love to see poppies blowing in the wind, this was the pathway down to the main racecourse.

 The racecourse is also home to Cheltenham Archers who where holding a tournament.  Is quite incredible how far away the target was they had to hit and I loved the road sign.

I don't know what these flowers where in the hedgerow, but oh so pretty.

Cheltenham is also home to Gloucestershire and Warwick Steam railway.  I have not been on the steam railway but it goes from Cheltenham through to Broadway where I went last weekend.  For a very reasonable £18 for an adult you c…

Day trip in the Cotswolds

This weekend I decided instead of just staying home and doing the usual dog walk around where I live and then sit in the garden I would take myself off for a day trip around a very small area of the Cotswolds.
There are so many places to visit and after this lovely day I intend to do more of it.  I used to go out alot when my son was young taking him to lots of places. But now he is a teenager and my partner is not really in to visiting a place more than once.  But I am quite happy to re visit places and I always have my knitting for company!
Thanks to the joy of social media I decided my first place to visit would be Cotswold Lavender Farm.
The farm is only 17 miles from my home and such a lovely drive through the countryside to get there.  I have visited the farm before, but last time we only made it to the tea rooms which is well worth a visit.
But this time I decided to walk in the fields and just have a couple of hours enjoying the scenery.
It is only £4 for adults and £2 for ch…


Having been inspired to start walking alot after my recent trip to Woolacombe here is the blog post.  I decided it would be good to start walking to and from work as it is only just over three miles a day.
But instead of just walking to work, I thought why not knit while I walk to produce some socks, this way benefiting from the exercise and producing something at the same time.
So I started on 4th of June and everyday that I walk I do a little more of my sock.
I thought it would be nice to keep a record for myself to see the progress and places I go whilst walking.
With Sock one I am using West Yorkshire Spinner's colourway Kingfisher.  I would personal call it "Beach" as it reminds me of the sand and the different colours of the sea and sky.
The journey this sock has been on are,
a trip to collect tickets for a great trip to Bath, many trips to and from work.  A journey on the train with my son to Bristol on a great day out.  A great walk in the country lanes to my loc…