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Freedom for Indie

We have had Indie for 2 weeks now, in a way it seems way longer and in another it has gone very quick.

He has had all his relevant injections now so today we took him out for a walk with the girlies (Ebony the large dog, and Willow the slimmer Belgium Shephard) for his first taste of freedom off a lead.

This is what happened....

As we were walking around Cheltenham racecourse we also got to see the local Steam train that runs into the station now too.

All in all a perfect morning.

The new puppy

Life in our house this week has been a tad crazy to say the least!

For parents with a Year 6 child will know that this is the time of year you have to select where you would like your child to spend the "senior" years of their education.  This is not an easy task bearing in mind the fact of catchment areas, grammar tests and so many other equations you have to take into account.  Thankfully after months of work my son passed the grammar test for one of the schools and we had a viewing of it today and he loves it, so now we have to wait a mere 5 months to see if the County Council will grant him a place at his chosen school!!

The other news that rocked our home life was the arrival of .....

Indie.  He is an adorable 12 week old German Shephard/Siberian Husky cross.  He has the most beautiful markings, temperament and is just such a joy to add to the other two dogs we have.

So needless to say not a hugh amount of knitting has been done as we are up very early with him and a lo…

Ally Pally 2011

This was my first ever trip to The Knitting and Stitching show which is held at Alexandra Palace in London.

The beginning of my blog will be dedicated to the amazing building which is Alexandra Palace as I was really blown away by the beautiful architecture of this building. 

For historians amongst you here is some information on the history of the Palace.

The first thing that struck me was the hugh mast that was part of the building. 

I recognised the mast as a symbolic image for the BBC.  So I researched the and found out some information about this from BBC archives.
Their was also this iconic plague dedicated to  Anglo-German Prisoners of War during the First World War.

From an artistic point of view I completely loved the hugh stained glass window that adorned the building.

On entering the building I was confronted by the Women's Weekly Record breaker

I was really pleased to see Nicky Epstein who wrote this Knitting Block by Block Book among many other books.

I also meet …

My sock design

I wanted to share photographs of my socks I have designed and made with knitwitches yarns it as gorgeous sock yarn and I just love the teal colouring in it.

The sock pattern is for UK Size 5-6 ladies.

27 October update:  The pattern can now be purchased for a small fee of £1 from Knitwitches Sock Pattern on my Ravelry design page Sara Anthony-Boon Designs.