Thursday, 20 October 2011

The new puppy

Life in our house this week has been a tad crazy to say the least!

For parents with a Year 6 child will know that this is the time of year you have to select where you would like your child to spend the "senior" years of their education.  This is not an easy task bearing in mind the fact of catchment areas, grammar tests and so many other equations you have to take into account.  Thankfully after months of work my son passed the grammar test for one of the schools and we had a viewing of it today and he loves it, so now we have to wait a mere 5 months to see if the County Council will grant him a place at his chosen school!!

The other news that rocked our home life was the arrival of .....

Indie.  He is an adorable 12 week old German Shephard/Siberian Husky cross.  He has the most beautiful markings, temperament and is just such a joy to add to the other two dogs we have.

So needless to say not a hugh amount of knitting has been done as we are up very early with him and a lot of playing/entertaining is taking place to keep him from chewing anything other than his toys.

So until next time have a lovely time.


  1. That's good news about your son; it must have been a trying time for you all.

    Awwww, Indie is a gorgeous pup; I adore those pert little ears and I'd love an Alsatian cross myself. Daughter is determined to have a puppy and when I showed her your photos she burst into tears! Bad move - its only increased her longing for one!