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Cycle, lunch, knitting what a beautiful day

On a quest to start getting alot fitter we set off on for what was an epic cycle ride of 16 mile round trip from home to Winchcombe and back.

Upon reaching the top of Cleeve Hill which in itself was a feat we were greeted by a beautiful view.

It was a semi hair raising experience cycling down into Winchcomb especially when we got up to speeds of 22 miles per hour, which ok in a car is nothing but when you are surrounded by cars which seem to have this in built need to come right up your rear it's not much fun!

Upon looking closer their are loads of fascinating bits of history to be seen around the town.

We then decided to go on a lovely 2 mile walk around the surrounding countryside of Winchcombe taking in some inspirational little quirky features that go with "oldie worldee" towns.

12 June Knit in Public Day Gloucester

As part of World Wide Knit in Public which runs from 12-20 June Their are many events that are being run all over the world to encourage like minded people to knit in public and involve/teach/encourage new people to our personal passion.
I had the pleasure of attending two events that were being held in Gloucester.  My first was a group that was set up only 5 weeks ago which is held every Wednesday 2-4pm in the Cathedral.  This group was an inspiring group where they sat and made squares which ultimately are made into blankets and sent to children in Africa. The second group I attended are a group that meets twice a month on a Tuesday at the Guildhall in Gloucester from 7-9pm .  Here their was a mixture of talents many of whom far exceeded my skill, but give me a goal to aim for.
All in all I had a BRILLIANT day where the sun shined, the needles clicked, the conversation flowed and I am really looking forward to coming back to the Guildhall Group when I can.

About time I used my blog

Inspired by the beautiful Attic 24 blog decided to restart mine!!

I have been out taking pictures for both a memory of the gardens development, but also I love the colours and textures.