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Day trip in the Cotswolds

This weekend I decided instead of just staying home and doing the usual dog walk around where I live and then sit in the garden I would take myself off for a day trip around a very small area of the Cotswolds.
There are so many places to visit and after this lovely day I intend to do more of it.  I used to go out alot when my son was young taking him to lots of places. But now he is a teenager and my partner is not really in to visiting a place more than once.  But I am quite happy to re visit places and I always have my knitting for company!
Thanks to the joy of social media I decided my first place to visit would be Cotswold Lavender Farm.
The farm is only 17 miles from my home and such a lovely drive through the countryside to get there.  I have visited the farm before, but last time we only made it to the tea rooms which is well worth a visit.
But this time I decided to walk in the fields and just have a couple of hours enjoying the scenery.
It is only £4 for adults and £2 for ch…


Having been inspired to start walking alot after my recent trip to Woolacombe here is the blog post.  I decided it would be good to start walking to and from work as it is only just over three miles a day.
But instead of just walking to work, I thought why not knit while I walk to produce some socks, this way benefiting from the exercise and producing something at the same time.
So I started on 4th of June and everyday that I walk I do a little more of my sock.
I thought it would be nice to keep a record for myself to see the progress and places I go whilst walking.
With Sock one I am using West Yorkshire Spinner's colourway Kingfisher.  I would personal call it "Beach" as it reminds me of the sand and the different colours of the sea and sky.
The journey this sock has been on are,
a trip to collect tickets for a great trip to Bath, many trips to and from work.  A journey on the train with my son to Bristol on a great day out.  A great walk in the country lanes to my loc…

Karie Westermann "Design your own lace Shawl" workshop.

When I told my friend that I had done a  workshop to design a Lace shawl, she said "I suppose you just design one lace repeat and go from there" . This is a very valid perception of what would be involved, but Karie opens your eyes to the idea in a whole new way.

I started on my design journey in knitwear many years ago when I graduated with a degree in Knitwear Design back in 1997. Oh my goodness how things have progress in terms of acceptability to a whole new resource now with the internet and incredible tools such as Ravelry.

I have designed socks and a handful of garments but only one shawl.   I have a passion to continue to learn and develop within my knitting (oh how I would love to do my degree again!)

So when the opportunity arose to take such a great course run by such a prestigious designer as Karie who has been teaching for over ten years and has produced exception work which can be viewed here I couldn't say no.

When you think of a shawl all my non knitting…

Walking and Woolacombe.

Ever since I was a child I have always walked. Growing up my Dad always loved taking us out. His job was an Ordenance Surveyor so he know how to read maps and had an incredible collection of maps that showed footpaths.  We visited many many places over the years as a family and me and Dad also used to go cycling and swimming.
I have very few pictures of me when I was young.  I am the one in the middle, sister to the right and my handsome Dad.

Then when I was at University in Leicester many years later I walked everywhere as it was so much easier than driving.
So for me walking is a great way to excercise.  In today's society we are alot more away of Mindfulness. For me both knitting which I do every single day, but walking is also a great way to help with mindfulness. 
My Dad passed away four years ago, but he is always in my heart and he is with me when I go walking and if I start to find the walk hard, he is there in spirit willing me on.
So I know Dad was definitely with me wh…