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Cotswold Farm House

This week I had the absolute privilege of being able to photograph the truly beautiful house and gardens that is Cotswold Farm Gardens.
The house is part of the English Heritage due to the incredible history found within the building.  The original part of Cotswold Farm comprised of "a cowshed, with a granary above and cart-shed below."
The original building dates back to 1729.  In 1925 the house became home to what has been three generations of the Birchall family, whom originated from Yorkshire were they traded in the woolen industry.
Upon moving to their new home the Birchall's asked several architects for ideas on extending the home, but settled upon Sidney Barnsley, whom had been a pupil of Norman Shaw a renowned architect who had studied Byzantine Architecture and was largely influenced by William Morris.
On the outside of the building can be found dates recorded for history.

Within the building I came across to me what typified the "Upstairs Downstairs" wit…

The finished lace number.

It all started with Fibre Flurry show 2010 where I came across the gorgeous stall that is Posh Yarns

I was drawn to the gorgeous individual dyed  Diana 2ply, lace weight yarn, 80% merino / 20% silk. Each skein is 875 yards (800m) per 100g. The colours are so beautiful reminding me of autumn.  It was put in the "stash" for a while until I found the "ideal" project to use it for.  I then decided to blend it with Rowan Kidsilk-Haze as I had the Marmalade colour shade in my stash and hay presto the idea was born.

So then all I had to do was design and make a lace scarf!!

Here is the finished project....

This final picture was taken against a backdrop of one of my own photographs 

I hope you like the scarf as much as I love it and feel I shall have many years of great pride wearing it.

The power of Mother Nature and Felted Slippers!!

Ok so this may sound dull talking about the weather in a crafting blog!!! But stay with it.

We have had the most amazing weather for weeks and weeks now in terms of perpetual sunshine, which is great for being able to sit in the garden and craft but not good for the lovely plants and veg trying to grow!

But last week we had the most amazing thunderstorm to the point when I told little fella to turn off his TV as the thunder and lightening was so close together.  I then explained to him about counting between the flash of lightening and the sound of thunder and if it is very close together it means the storm is very near.  Also why he needed to turn off TV and not to stand near/under trees.  Anyway low and behold the next day took the dogs for a walk to the usual park where their is a variety of very well established trees.  To our shock one had been struck right down the middle by lightening!!

Yet this is what it used to look like.

It was amazing sight.  Me being me and cheeky from ti…

Crafting Bank Holiday

Well what a joy two Bank Holidays and amazing sunny weather thrown in for good measure!

The first Bank Holiday on Friday 29th April was basically thanks to the celebration (incase you were unaware) of the  Royal Wedding.

Oh but before this me and Harry handed his lovely teacher Teddy H I had made as a celebration of her soon to be born bundle of joy she is due in the next couple of months.  It was great fun making Teddy H and quite frankly rather hard to give him up! But seeing the joy on Mrs W's face when I gave it to her was worth it.

For a change from knitting I decided to made a little handy bag (ok to carry my knitting projects in!)
I added some lovely hand made buttons purchased on a day trip out to The Taurus Centre.

Over the long weekend we decided to have a trip out to the beautiful Forest of Dean and take the dogs for a good walk, have a lovely picnic and then stopped of and visited Taurus Craft Centre.  It is an amazing place full of lovely individual craft areas coverin…