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A bit of colour for the patient

My wife has been very poorly for nearly two weeks now so to bring a little joy into her life my beautiful mother sent her the most gorgeous boutque of flowers that I wanted to record and share with you.
I love taking macro shots and also love colour so this was a treat with both, once I got started I even noticed the texture on the gorgeous basket they came in.

Colours and Spring all together

I was sitting knitting away in various areas of the house and just was struck by how lovely it is that spring has arrived.  In the garden I have a forsythia bush and the colour is stunning especially against an incredible blue sky.

In the front garden we have a beautiful Magnolia tree which is now coming into blossom, I love the outside casing it is like velvet to touch.

 The Hydrangea in the garden was getting top heavy so I brought a couple of the stems in.  What a lovely aroma they give off.

 I also have come across this lovely little shop in a back street of my home town of Cheltenham Goose Chase Quiltinig the window display is so lovely with differnt quilts being made up and the colours and range of fabrics is amazing.

So until next time enjoy spring and colours :)

Ohhh new shoes, trip to Broadway and spring flowers!!

Today was a lovely day for many reasons.... the sun was shining, it is the weekend, my son has got two lovely parties to go too and myself and my better half had a lovely trip to Broadway
Trip to Broadway

We had lovely home made soup in Tussains Tea Rooms, rated the best tea room for 2010 and went back later for tea and scones/banana cake!!

I then managed to buy the most adorable shoes to add to my "dolly" collection of shoes!!

So tommorw I think I shall be enjoying the garden reading this months Country Living and doing some more of my scarf which is a combination of Mohair/Silk/Merino wool, pure luxury to knit with.

I also wanted to share some of my garden that I planted with spring flowers last weekend too.

The "Blue" Rug

I decided it was long overdue to make my gorgeous son Harry something knitted and as he doesn't "do" knitted garments, what better than a rug to make.

So this is the progress of the rug from beginning to end....

Mid March and all is spring like.

First of all I have come across the most beautiful blog
Then whilst looking through the gorgeous Cotswold Living Magazine (that I have fallen in love with again, after a time away) 
I then found
It is uncanny as William Morris inspired my final disertation work all those years ago, when I worked on a project of "Knitted Interiors inspired by William Morris".

Now onto my garden's progress which is so lovely to see

Lovely red berries against the variaged leaves