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Craft projects around the home.

It has been a while since I have shown any of my "craft" work so I thought I would share some of the knitting and crotchet work I have done over the years and now use around the home thanks to lovely inspiration blogs like Attic 24 and According to Matt.

The last picture is my work in progress blanket that I am about half way through.
I do so love having crafty items around the house to brighten up what would otherwise be just a dull jam jar.

Some views of Cheltenham and the surroundings.

Today was the weekly family walk up Cleeve Hill.  So today I decided to show some of the views that can be seen from the hill as it was a lovely blustery day with a low lying mist over the valley.

Cheltenham is famous for the races and this weekend has been a three day festival The Open.  We had a lovely aireal shot of the course.

From the distance their is a good land mark that is often used called the "3 masts" these are television masts and can be seen from a long way in the distance.

From a walkers point of view when being on the hill the wind swept tree and the three seats beneath is also a good point to head too. 

The cloud formation was lovely this morning with a really strong blue sky and white clouds.

From Cleeve hill on a sunny day you can see for many many mile, but today it was shrouded in a lovely reddish mist.

At the moment my blog can't be complete without pictures of the beloved Indie who is growing rapidly and becoming more adorable every day.  Hope you …

Bonfire Night and Cleeve Hill Cheltenham

Remember remember the 5th of November!!

This year me and H decided to venture a little further afield to Tewkesbury for the bonfire extravagance.   It was organised by the Tewkesbury Round Table and hot dogs and burgers (which where yummy) were supplied by the 3rd Scout group.

H had never been (in his memory) to a night where they lite a bonfire prior to the fireworks, but to me this added to the whole experience of the night.

I love the effects you can get photographically with night photography and bright lights and the pleasure brought to the children by sparklers and glow in the dark toys.

Once the bonfire had started to die down it was time for the firework display which was enhanced by the fact that it had Tewkesbury Abbey as the backdrop!

Then for the weekend walk we decided to take the gang to Cleeve Hill for a beautiful autumnal walk.

Their was much running and chasing of balls but also a hugh amount of great behaviour by Indie who is only 14 weeks old and all legs!!

 I also wa…