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Nature in Art

Today me and little fella had a quality afternoon together taking photographs at Nature in Art and enjoying an amazing photographic exhibition that is being shown there.

So I wanted to just share with you some images that I enjoyed taking today as it has been a while since the "decent" camera came out.

Finally I wanted to share an up to date picture of Indie at a whole 6 months along with Willow at 10+ years.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Until next time ....

Spring is here.

What a truly glorious day it is here in Cheltenham.

Harry is almost back to 100% health which is great as he is off on a school trip to France for four days in two weeks and we were starting to worry he may not be able to go.

But today he donned his new footy trainers and is off to play with Cheltenham Town. Then next week will be back to normal Rugby, netball, Karate, Scouts let alone school!

I have decided to start spring cleaning but outside in the garden and got the Hammer-write paint out for the gate and will have a go at painting the trellis this afternoon.

I took some pictures of the garden starting to "spring" into shape I thought I'd share along with my next Toe up sock using Regia sock yarn in Kaffe Fasset colours.

While little fella is ill.

Little guy has spent whole half term with a virus which consists of cough and dizziness along with fever and lack of abitite.

So today we have had another chilled day played battle ships, watched Quantum Solace Bond film and I finished my first ever toe up socks.

Valentines Day

This is mine and my beautiful wife's 5th Valentines Day. I wanted to share the lovely gifts we exchanged today.

Perfect Sunday.

Today has turned out to being an almost
perfect Sunday.It started with the normal dog walk over to cheltenham race course which was rather chilly with snow still on the ground and the normal ponds with aan covering of ice.  The hill that we often walk (Cleeve hill) was very misty in low cloud.Then I was treated to an early Valentines meal so In picked a restaurant i've been wanting to go to for long time.  Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant openend a few months ago to a very popular reception.  The restaurant is a converted old court house with the eating area being within the court, we sat on the defendants bench!  The toilets are great they are the old cells! Then it was home to chill watch our favourite NCSI which Indie watched too!!


I am really getting hang of amazing things can do with iPad now!

My latest excitement is that I can now take photo's I've taken on camera and put on iPad, so wanted to share with you.

Snow is due

Today they have issued a weather warning for snow across most of England. It hasn't materialised just yet but having had a very very cold walk up on the hill with the dogs, which I thoroughly enjoyed I am ready for it now.

Upon my return from my walk I was greeted with my monthly magazine a clean lovely new floor tiles that the other half had scrubbed and can settle down to either my crotchet or sock making. Have a lovely weekend fellow bloggers.

Day off

Last four days we have been having our dining and living room re tiled after a flood in the kitchen last year. So for two glorious albeit cold days with temperatures reaching no more than 2 degrees, the dogs have had a two hour walk up the hill and I have done some crafting.

Today I decided to stay upstairs for a bit due to coldness and spent some time in the bedroom with the cat trying to master my sock for mum, using a lovely book I had at Christmas called socks from the toe up.

Here is my day.


This is a test using my iPad to write my blog