Friday, 17 February 2012

While little fella is ill.

Little guy has spent whole half term with a virus which consists of cough and dizziness along with fever and lack of abitite.

So today we have had another chilled day played battle ships, watched Quantum Solace Bond film and I finished my first ever toe up socks.


  1. Hope your little chap is on the road to recovery; Monkeychild has a horrible hacking cough at the moment too. Liking those socks, especially the yarn colours - what yarn did you use?

  2. Little man is finally back at school yesturday but is much better thank you. Some horrid bugs going around, I found Sainsbury CalCough chesty cough mediciene I guess with lots of rest has helped loads.

    The wool I was kindly given in a secret santa this year is "online supersocke 100" which is sold on ebay as comes from Germany. Is lovely has Aloe Vera in it.

    Next pair i'm working on is "Riega Kaffee Fassett Sock Yarn" absoultly gorgeous colours.