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Trip to the car boot.

Yesturday i spent a few hours tidying the garden in anticipation of today's trip to the local car boot.We had a really enjoyable look round.  Their were so many things for sale ranging from antiques, to fruit and veg, second hand books and clothes let, lovely cake stand were we got a Lemon Drizzle cake for Mrs P.But i had the plant stalls in my sights.  But before i finalised which one i came across this lovely pot.Unfortunately i didn't have enough money for this and plants but Master H came to the rescue and bought it for me.So for £15 wirh the help of the stall holder i purcahsed well over 20 plants all of which should be hardy or self seeding sos will carry on year after year.

All things pink and beautiful.

Today i had the fun of a day off work so dogs have been treated to two walks before lunch!So we headed off to my favourite walk for the second trip sporting my favourite pink trainers.One of the reasons i love this walk so much is due to the amazingly pretty gardens, boy did they show a variety from lupins, roses, honeysuckle, carnations and a mass of varid colours of peony's which i think where my favourite.To end the "pink" story i have just completed my second Lavender bag, this time for a friend who kindly designed my Textureknit banner on this page and my Etsy site as a thank you. I'm loving the colours so much i think i will have to make more.

Pimp the bag.

Last week on Facebook I was inspired by an image that a fellow bag owner had done.

So for the very exciting event in September in Skipton for those that do not know I have "pimped" my Yarndale bag.

Her she is Betsy the bag.
Love to read your comments on what you think of Betsy.

Lavender pillow

I am happy to say I completed a little Lavender pillow which was completed at my fortnightly Knit and Knatter I am more than pleased with the outcome and will be making more.

The pillow has a hook and eye to hold down the top and the inner Lavender bag can be taken out and refilled as and when required. On the outside I embellished a design and am thinking of other projects I can work on to make more of this.

The lavender pillow was sold as part of a set to a work colleague who was very happy with them, which I was really pleased with.

I have also added to my double coaster set with more colours. 

These items for sale on both Etsy and the Bristish equivalent Folksy.

Now to finish my HUGH crotchet double bedspread and knitted cardi.

A laberinth of colour.

I love gardening and photography so it is great being able to combine the two.This is my back garden taken on a cloudy day in june.

All things Lavender.

The 1st of June marked the opening day of Cotswold Lavender Farm.

Now as I had the idea of crotchet and filing little bags with the gorgeous aroma of Lavender I thought where better to head.

However as you can see the fields are far from being awash with an amazing glow of purple and apparently they are late flowering, so I shall have to try and take another trip out in a month and try the Lavender scones at the same time and hopefully capture this kind of image.

Instead I was happy to buy one small Lavender plant from the beautiful array they had on display and pop it in my pot.

On the drive to the farm we pass through the very picturesque town of Broadway where I have been many times, but it never loses it's appeal. 

I notice new things each time I go, for example the local India Restaurant building dates back to 1450!

They have a lovely cooking shop too which has so many lovely little nick nacks.

I would have loved to purchased Mrs P the oven gloves just perfect.  The apron wa…