Monday, 29 April 2013

Baby Sam "Granny" Blanket

I work in a small office and one of my colleagues recently became a proud dad for the second time.

I had not made a baby blanket for 12 years! So I decided now was the time to encompass both my new love of crochet and the opportunity to make something that would hopefully be treasured.

I used King Cole Baby which is 100% acrylic mainly due to the connivance of washing often.

The blanket measures 74cm x 54cm and consists of 8 x 6 rows of squares which I then joined together.

I am so pleased with the end result and will be making some more to sell on Folksy and eventually Etsy.

Reverse of blanket

Double crotchet edging

To finish and present the blanket to "Sam" I commissioned a company I share an office with to make the bespoke wrapping paper.

I hope you like the finished product and would love to hear any comments you have.


  1. That's a beautiful blanket. Good job!

    (Don't take this the wrong way: it's spelled "crochet" with only one "t". Just to help you out if you start selling these.)

    1. Thank you very much, all you like it.

      Thank you for pointing out my mistake, I have changed all the sites now.