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The first "big" crotchet project.

Having being inspired over the years by Attic 24 and a desire/love of making my own scarves I decided to crotchet a neckerchief with granny squares.

With the help of Mrs B I crotchet and she helped with placement and idea of using the heart shaped buttons she had bought me for Valentines and ta da the finished article.

First Shawl finished.

It took six weeks and a lot of ripping back but I am so glad I persevered, here is the finished shawl.

The design is by the very talented Bristol Ivy and the pattern is called Thorn.

I have now started to learn and make granny squares thanks to a link on Ravelry by very helpful JustDeb0505, who shared this brilliant link on You Tube that I played many times before getting the hang of it but am loving them now.

I shall be not only making them as a traditional cushion cover but am also going to make more scarves from them too using up my sock yarn in the process.

Deeply wicked and crotchet.

The time had come to wash my lovely top I knitted with Easy Knits Deeply Wicked Yarn that I purchased at Wonderwool last year.

I contact Jon the owner of Easy Knits and he recommended using Soak Wash a brilliant product that you just pour in one teaspoon of the liquid into a sink, put in garment for fifteen minutes, rinse and leave to dry.

The only supplier in the UK is Purlescence which had a great had a great Needle Conversion Guide on the back of the business card which was great.

When I was looking at the shop online I spotted Sarah Bayliss cards. They are just beautiful cards and I love the names given to the animals, like Vanessa the Cow and Colin the Camel.

This afternoon was dreary weather so we settled down to an afternoon film. I decided I wanted to start remembering how to do a granny square so I could make a cushion cover for work. Unfortunately I seem to have a mental block at the moment on how to make the crotchet lie flat, I only seem able to make it work round. This ha…