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Trip to Forest of Dean

A lovely spontaneous trip to Mallard's Pike at the end of June, was lovely all round. Son got to practice on his bike, dogs got to cool off in the lake, partner got to help with fishing techniques and I got to knit!!!

Cheltenham Knit in Public Day at Art Gallery 13 June 2009

Their was a great mixture of activities to do from making rag rug/cushion covers on massivebroom stick type needles out of recyled old skirts, to sitting in the knit and natter zone whereyou make bunting or just chill with friends and natter!!

Here are some examples of beautiful knitting from complete miniature work, (just look at the size of the pattern for the wedding dress to the actual size!)

Also within the Gallery were some added comical additions to the museum exhibits. Great fun.

This was diffinately my favourite idea of using the large needles to create rugs, this example was created by using many strands of yarn knitted onto one needle which is brilliant way of using oddments of yarn.

All in all it was a fantastic day, thanks to everyone who organised it and made such a great job of it.

Five Valley Designs

Five Valley Designs Shop in Berkley, Gloucestershire a lovely little shop where I bought some very nice material.