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Weekend of Olympics and seeing folks.

The weekend consisted of gardening, having hair done, H had his school shirt framed.

We having been watching lots of the Olympics from cycling, gymnastics, Tome Daley in diving and of course following team GB women's football which was an amazing match.

Then today folks came up with Jack who looked so small compared to our dogs and we gave then the hand made cushion made by Fabric & Flowers, to say folks loved it would be an understatement.

If you don't like football look away.

25th July thanks to brilliant Mr H we had the opportunity to see Great Britian V New Zealand at Millennium Stadium Cardiff to watch the first official Olympic Games Women's  football match.

Thanks to British Rail we made use of our family rail card and took the train which I love.  You get to see the countryside roll by with no stress.  It was a lovely journey through Forest Dean stopping at Lydney and on to Chepstow, Newport and ending in South Wales at Cardiff.

The town centre was free of all vehicles which was brilliant as a member of the public, not so good for car drivers or if you wanted to catch the bus as the station was shut!

We were truly blessed with beautiful weather to the point of needing sun cream on every couple of hours.

Now I have to confess I do not follow "a team" and am not a regular to watch football anymore than Master H, although he loves to play, or Mrs B.  However to say we got stuck in on the supporting front would be an understatement! There…

Mid July weekend

The weekend consisted of starting a new knitting project. Gardening and dog walking so here is a little snippet of the back garden. Oh and a beautiful bunch of roses bought for me by Mrs B as she one some money on a work lottery.

H's 11th birthday

Ok for some Friday 13th is unlucky, but not in our house as both Mrs B was born on this date and so was Master H.

So H's celebrations went like this.....

Woken up by mum singing Happy Birthday at 5.50am!!! Then we move on to opening presents which are clothes as his main present is a laptop which is bought through his new school.  The theme of said clothes are bright green, purple and pink.  From pants to socks, tshirt and he even got a purple and green cap from his Aunt.

Then off to school which was winding down for summer so they got to watch two films and help move class rooms about. However a couple of weeks back they had an Olympic theme week were they did lots of sporting activities and they had to achieve various goals from team work, respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality.  They got points for activities during the week and at the end they added up the scores and were awarded a prize of which they only had tickets for 6 children …