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Trip to the seaside.

We are having a short burst of lovely sunny weather in the uk (although as I type it is clouding over).
So we decided to head off to our favourite beach which is only an hour away and show Indie the delights of the sea.
Brean sands is a great destination as it has something for everyone.  There is a seven miles of beach from Burnham on sea, through Berrow and ending at Brean Sands and Brean Down where we go.
We combined a walk along the beach and the dogs playing in and out of the sea and then started our walk along Brean Down which is run by the National Trust.
On the south you can see Burnham-on-sea, the north Weston-Super-Mare.  Out to sea are the islands of Steep Holme which has a nature reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
You can also see out to Flat Holm another island given Site of Special Scientific Interest.  It is also steeped in history going back too 6th centuary where Anglo-Saxon and Vikings visited the island. In 1835 a sanatorium was built for patients suffer…


As like many other "blogging" friends part of blogging land to me is reading and following what fellow bloggers are doing.

Today I read The Vintage Knitter blog (always a good read) and was compelled to donate for two reasons.  (a) it is such a worthy cause and put together so well and (b) unknown to the family I was in Cheltenham General hospital a month ago to find out the results of my son's "abnormal" heart beat and they came in.  They seemed such a lovely family and Lucy was so well behaved I just had to donate.

So please donate if you can and help Daniel get the £54,000 he needs to get the treatment that will help change his life.

feature in the local paper.

Daniel's own website.

Just Giving website to donate to.

Olympic Torch comes to Cheltenham.

Last night had the most amazing time at the race course when we were able to celebrate the torch which is visiting many towns around the UK.
Prior to the arrival of the torch their were many brilliant events put on for entertainment.
H had a go at golf and rugby.  We watched skateboarding and gymnastics.
Then on the main stage for two hours they had a mixture of music and streetdance acts. To start they had the incredibly talented and funny Twist and Pulse who put on a great show. Then their were local acts, but for me and H the highlight was Labrinth who not only did a great show but then came around to some of the screaming crowd where me and H got some great shots.
H climbed up and managed to get some brilliant birds eye view shots of which I will share some but I didn't manage to get a good one of Zara Phillips holding the torch while riding Toytown but what a night.

Heritage Motor Museum

Today me and H took a trip to We went to see the static show which is great, but also to have a go on the UK slot car festival with some amazing scalextric tracks to have a go at. So here is a mixture of old and new cars to share with you.