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Wonderwool Part III

This shows the inspirational crafts that I wanted to show and remeber.

Wonderwool Part II

The people.Within these pictures are Jeni aka Fyberspates. Susan Crawford. Jon Dunn-Ballam aka Easyknit. Ingrid Wagner. My great friends Emma, Ange and Hannah.

Wonderwool 2012 Part I

Due to posting from phone unable to put pictures in order so blog will post blog over few posts in themes of the day. Part IThe animals at the show.

Antiques Roadshow at Cheltenham Town Hall.

It all started really with wife's love of watching antiques programme's on tv, so when I heard the famous programme was coming to our town we had to go. So I text my mum and asked if In could borrow a couple of historical items I remeber from my childhood.  So on having look through the attic and under the bed we went armed with 6 Charles Dickins books, a lovely postcard collection of pre first world war cards that were sent to my great great grandmother.  We also had my favourite an albumn of beautiful drawen images and finally a bone handled and silver plated fish knife and fork set to take.I was very excited as we saw Fiona Bruce, Henry Sandon who to me are synonymous with the programme. For the knife set we had advice from Margie Cooper who told us it is as lovely set-up sadly in today's environment it would not get more than £30 but it was dated 1918 which is amazing, even mum didn't know it was this old.With the books we took we meet the incredibly knowledgable M…

Boiled egg

Little man had a bad belly last couple days and finally getting appetite back and wanted boiled eggs with soldiers.

I said no problem but don't have egg cup holder so he made one sooo clever!

Cheltenham dog walking.

Just wanted to share some images In have taken over the past couple of days whilst out walking the dogs. One is Cheltenham racecourse which is next to the lovely steam train and has Cleeve hill as the back drop. The second is a 20 minute walk from the house to Swindon village, a lovely little village on the outskirts of the town.  We discovered a walk across the fields which runs next to the river Chelt stream which the dogs loved.

Wool in Winchcombe

Today I made the short eight mile journey from Cheltenham over to Winchcombe.  I didn't realise it was nearly two years ago since me and the better half cycled there my previous blog.

For those that have not been to this part of the Cotswolds it is one of my favourite town due to the lovely people and I just love the "feel" of the town.  This is some images on the lead into the two and the "quaint" shops that we seemed to have lost in Cheltenham.

My visit was to see Wool in Winchcombe which is being largely organised by Jane Smoczynski the owner of Winds of Change a beautiful Gallery that is currently displaying the most adorable "wool and sheep" related items some of which I have photographed.

Also showing the art of needle Felt was artist Gretel Parker who normally works with merino wools and produces incredible toys which she sells and also illustrates children's books.

I then went down to The Old Tea House which is run by Kelly who ran a knitt…