Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wool in Winchcombe

Today I made the short eight mile journey from Cheltenham over to Winchcombe.  I didn't realise it was nearly two years ago since me and the better half cycled there my previous blog.

For those that have not been to this part of the Cotswolds it is one of my favourite town due to the lovely people and I just love the "feel" of the town.  This is some images on the lead into the two and the "quaint" shops that we seemed to have lost in Cheltenham.

My visit was to see Wool in Winchcombe which is being largely organised by Jane Smoczynski the owner of Winds of Change a beautiful Gallery that is currently displaying the most adorable "wool and sheep" related items some of which I have photographed.

Also showing the art of needle Felt was artist Gretel Parker who normally works with merino wools and produces incredible toys which she sells and also illustrates children's books.

I then went down to The Old Tea House which is run by Kelly who ran a knitting afternoon for both experienced and beginners to learn the craft alike.

Both Kelly and fellow worker Paul were new to knitting and both picked up learning to cast on, knit and cast off impressively quickly and seemed to enjoy it in the process, which is always a bonus.

So if you want to go and have a lovely relax, eat, drink, read the papers, use the wifi or just knit The Old Tea Rooms is a great place.

Many thanks to Kelly for your hospitality and Jane and Gretel for allowing me to photograph yourself and lovely gallery.


  1. Wonderful blog Sara and great pictures. I had'nt realised you had taken so many. Thank you. Do pop in any time and hope you can join us at St. Peter's next Saturday for the BIG knit :)

  2. Great blog entry Sara, thanks very much - always interesting to see another view point and what was going on elsewhere.

  3. Hi Sara, sorry for the late reply...I was trying to untangle myself from the knitting bug! Thank you so much for your blog posting, I don't think I've ever seen myself concentrating so hard! And what lovely photos of Winchcombe, thank you for coming to join us. Good luck with the rest of your bedspread it looks like quite a task you've set know where you can come for coffee to get you through.

  4. Oh, I wish there was a place like this anywhere near me at all...I'd drive miles for this....