Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cotswold Farm Park on an April day

This is a photographic diary of a trip to Cotswold Farm Park on a showery/hailing/sunny day in April.

The location is beautiful and the animals and information available is brilliant for young/old and middling!

If there was to be one negative I didn't manage to buy any wool to knit with, which for an avid knitter surrounded by sheep is hard to come away with!!! But rest assured I did come away with a "sheep orientated gift" Thomas Joseph placemats and fridge magnet so can't complain.


  1. Very nice photos! Almost seems like the animals were quite willing to pose. I wish my garden & grass were as green...

  2. We haven't managed to get to visit this lovely farm yet, but I've put it on the list for the summer, it looks like a lovely day out!

  3. Hi! I was looking for a white furry animal to draw for an online class, and wanted to know if I may use your photo of the sheep with curly horns. I'd like to share the drawing with the class (closed online group) and, if it is OK with you, on my public blog. I'd be happy to link back to this blog or any current blog/website/etsy page you have. Thanks!