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Easter Sunday and Lady Jane Tea Rooms

Their are three things in my life that I love (apart from my family who I love more than anything!)

They are in order Knitting, photography and gardening, oh and flowers. Ok four things!!  So for people that follow or take time out to read my blog will know it is a culmination of all four things.  Today's is however mainly just two photography and gardening.

Today is Easter Sunday which is great on many levels.  (A) easter eggs = chocolate, (B) a visit from the folks yesturday which was a lovely day and finally (C) I treated the wife who is thankfully getting well on the way to being on the mend to a meal at our favourite Tea Rooms "Lady Jane" in beautiful Winchcombe.

Looking back at my blog it was 20 June 2010 that we took a mad trip via our bikes over to this lovely town and I did a more comprehensive blog.  cycle-lunch-knitting-what-beautiful-day.

This morning I decided to have a look around the garden and photograph it as the flowers are now starting to come into the…

Flowers at Slimbridge on a "Good Friday"

Today we had our quarterly trip to Slimbridge Wetlands Trust

Instead of taking pictures of birds as per usual I decided to focus on the floral aspect, with a couple of ducks and chicks thrown in for good measure!

We saw many ducklings and Harry collected a variety of feathers including some lovely pink flamingo ones and some amazingly soft downing for his journal he has decided to keep on our feathered friends.
Me in the mean time decided to focus on nature and loved the variety of colours and shapes I found along the way.

But anyone that knows me will know I can't go anywhere without my knitting, so here's another for the records.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the easter break.

Gloucester Cathedral Inspiration

After visiting the lovely Miji Wool shop myself and my son went to visit Gloucester Cathedral for a little history lesson and for me some lovely inspiration.  This is just a photographic montague of inspirational pictures I found on the way.

Miji Wool Shop Gloucester

 I had my first visit to Miji Wool shop that has been opened now since the 19 February 2011. It is situated in a beautiful location in College Street, Gloucester right next to Gloucester Cathedral and opposite the The Comfy Pew Restaurant.
 The shop is run by two lovely friendly owners Julie and Michelle. 
They have a website Miji Wools.  They have two very well supported knit and knatter groups, one on a Tuesday 10am-12 noon which myself and my son attended. 

Then their is the oppurtunity to attend the evening knit and knatter's each Thursday evening between 7-9pm.
The shop stocks all the knitting accessories, lovely gift ideas and Sirdar, Rowan, Stylecraft, Katia and Rico yarns with more being added all the time.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my blog as much as I did visiting the shop and making the blog.