Saturday, 25 February 2012

Spring is here.

What a truly glorious day it is here in Cheltenham.

Harry is almost back to 100% health which is great as he is off on a school trip to France for four days in two weeks and we were starting to worry he may not be able to go.

But today he donned his new footy trainers and is off to play with Cheltenham Town. Then next week will be back to normal Rugby, netball, Karate, Scouts let alone school!

I have decided to start spring cleaning but outside in the garden and got the Hammer-write paint out for the gate and will have a go at painting the trellis this afternoon.

I took some pictures of the garden starting to "spring" into shape I thought I'd share along with my next Toe up sock using Regia sock yarn in Kaffe Fasset colours.

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  1. Oh, there must be something in the air as I've started spring cleaning in the garden too!!!!! Hope you had a lovely day & your sock looks fantastic - lovely colours :) x