Sunday, 20 January 2013

A snowy week.

Here in the UK the weather has been getting slowly colder but this in turn meant that the skies have been becoming more dramatic.  This Tuesday I had to venture out before work and photograph the red sky in the morning, the colours are so diverse I love it.

My house is built in an area which is surrounded predominantly by council houses which are now either privately owned or still remain under the ownership of the council.  Over the past few months the council have been replacing the roofs of the properties they own and in some cases have also been installing solar panelled roofing.

I have only ever seen the completed roofs but on Wednesday the workmen started a project right by my house at 8am.  I could not believe the speed at which they worked in stripping the roof.

In the time it took me to photograph the slates coming off they had cleared one side in half an hour!  I then had to make my way to work and when I came home at 3.15 they had finished!!

I love Pinterest on many levels but now it has become a really useful tool as I spotted this post when browsing through Backing up Blogger Blog and will certainly be backing mine up from now on.

I have been wanting to lose weight for about a year and I read in last years "New Years Resolutions" to try, but it came as a little jolt that I was the same weight as last year.  Where I work a colleague told me about an app she uses which to be honest I think is just brilliant.

New diet plan Is available through the computer/Ipad/Android which is ideal for me.  You basically put in what want to achieve in weight and few other calculations and it works out approximate time frame and lbs you need to lose.  But the applications are what I love.  You can use the bar code scanner to put in your food, but it has a lot already stored on the system.  You also put in what exercises you do each day too.  So fingers crossed this year I will get back to what I want, a dress size lower and just feel happier about myself.

Images I loved on Pinterest this week...

Incredible and inspiring photography  Please take time to look they are just stunning not only technically but also inspirational and thought provoking.

On Friday school was out not for summer but due to snow and therefore my beautiful boy got to work from home as his school have a great system (not that I am sure the pupils see it that way!) whereby they set them school work though their website under a heading "snow work".  He had Geography and History to do which he completed in a couple of hours.

I decided as I was walking to work I would take my camera for a change. 

Can you spot Indie at the window?

A usually busy road lovely and deserted

I loved the bright colours of the pub sign against the greys and whites

Gusts of winds created a great effect

All the schools in the county were shut

Once I came home from work it was all systems go.  This was the first time Indie had seen snow And boy was it fun.

Open wide


The following day was the usual jobs except this time I walked to the shops and Mrs P came to collect me from the supermarket.  I managed to opps sneak in one of my favourite magazines, well I justified it by using points collected which totalled the price of the magazine, win win!

Very ably named

We have now reached Sunday and for the first time in a while myself and Mrs P took the dogs for a walk together.  We headed off to the local park where master H plays footy on a Saturday, but not this week.

There was alot of walking on the grass which I have a feeling will be rather a mud bath when it all clears.

Once at the park it was fun all the way as the dogs had not had a walk off the lead for seven days.

The area the park is in has a private road and the houses have there own boating lake which is very picturesque.

Indie found a playmate Alfie an eight year old pure German Shepherd who just loved chasing snow balls.

A few years ago we had a big lightning storm and one of the oak trees that had been well established was struck right down the middle.  It makes for a great focal point to the park I think.

I love the subtle colours in the bark and the grafetti that has been etched in.

It is lovely to see the close up shots of nature too I find, this inspires images in the knitting world of three dimensional knitting to me.

Finally to sum up another week in Textureknit world here is an image of beautiful Mrs P and a rarely seen image of me (I would much rather be behind the camera!)

Have a great week blog folk where ever you are.


  1. Wonderful winter pictures. I love the idea of Snow Work - might pinch that!

    Your dogs look so happy:)

  2. Fantastic pictures and story! Love reading this! xx