Sunday, 1 July 2012

Race for life 2012

After what seemed like months from registering the day had finally arrived for team Sara and Willow to complete the 10k Race for Life at Cheltenham race course.
Thankfully having two dogs that need good excercise everyday ment that I had lots practice.
On the morning my lovely wife treated me by taking Indie out on her own. This ment I made my breakfast, coffee and copy of Country Living magazine and took it back to bed for an hour of pure blissful quiet with Willow.
For lunch Mrs A-B made us eggs, bacon and tomatoes for lunch. 
We got to the race with a couple of minutes to spare.  There was quiet a few people taking part with runners, then joggers and walkers (including team Sara & Willow) at the back.   It is quiet handy as the walk covered albeit alot more windy than we used too a regular walk we do.
We completed the walk in 1 hour 42 minutes which i was pleased with and Willow even got her own medal.
Thanks to lots of generous people we raised over £300!


  1. How lovely Willow looked. Well done to you both. Kate xx

  2. Congrats to you and Indie on doing the walk. I went to the car boot sale in the morning and on the way out saw everyone dressed in their pinkest finery!