Monday, 6 May 2013

Meet Poppy and a trip to Forest of Dean

Yesterday was the first time me and H had the pleasure of meeting Poppy.  A new member of the clan being MIL's new eight month old Collie/Whippet cross.

To say she gave Indie a run for his money would be an understatement!  You had to watch them all the time as Indie would just come bowling right into your legs trying to catch Poppy, but it was great fun to see.

Today has been the warmest day of the year so we headed over to Mallards Pike in the Forest of Dean.  Not only does it have lovely walks but due to the area we picked their was plenty of water for the dogs and photo opportunities for me.

 I loved searching out the little "mini" world.

Tin Tin

Emelia Sande meets Tin Tin

Minnie the Minx

Minnie the Minx photographing Tin Tin

Then we played shadows.

Their were some lovely shades of blue, brown, and green to been seen and I loved the contrasts of them.

The dogs had a great time too.

Then I decided to have a da-ja-vu moment of a current and a 2008 picture when H was just eight.  I have no idea where the time has gone!!

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