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Fibre Festival, Chipping Norton

Today on the first of two Bank Holiday weekends we have in May.  My son and I took a lovely trip through the Cotswold countryside over to Chipping Norton to visit the first Fibre Festival the town was holding in the Town Hall.

Much to my great pleasure we were created by two Cotswold sheep.

Inside there was a whole days worth of free "taster" courses you could have a go at.

There certainly was a great turn out.

Unfortunately we missed the Patchwork class as I really want to make that delicate pin cushion with the lovely hexagonal squares, as I have some lovely Kaffe Fassett fabric in my craft stash.

However we made it in time for the weaving and H to say enjoyed it would be an understatement!

The other class H did was the Lino Printing run by Mabel and Bird Emma.  She has both a Folksy and Etsy shop and also runs day courses and will be shortly be opening up her own website.  Her work is beautiful and H enjoyed her class greatly and was asking questions as he had done something similar at school.

In between classes we went to get some lunch and have a look around the town.  H found an old book shop which he adored.  I loved the oldy worldly bike and the colourful pasta bows.  The town itself is made up of such interesting buildings and I do so love the Cotswold stone colouring.

The other must see for the trip was The Fibre Works shop itself run by Natasha.  The shop is so popular and well run they will be very shortly be opening another in Oxford.

It is such a treasure trove of beautiful yarn and buttons, fabric and goodies.  But my favourite item had to be the delicate granny squared waistcoat I just fell in love with it.

So with the help of H and Natasha I came away with my very own keepsake 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects & ideas by Melody Griffiths.  At the moment the patterns look very daunting, but I guess years ago so did knitting so I will not be put off.

On our way back to the car we came across this beautiful Antiques shop I would loved to have purchased the four leaf clover mirror to go at the bottom of our garden.

Then on the drive out of town we passed Bliss Mill that I wrote about in my previous blog so I had to photograph it.

So this is the end of a truly memorable trip, with H's goodies, my book and the leaflet to make our own patchwork hexagon's one day.

So thank you for taking time out to read this and I would love to hear any comments you may wish to share.


  1. Looks like you and H had a great day out together. I think it's brilliant to get kids interested in crafting :-)


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