Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day I of Jubilee weekend.

Yesturday I decided to write a list of jobs I would like to get done over weekend that on a normal weekend never seem to get round too.

One wash to scrub the floor, another to defrost the freezer. This all got done this morning along with washing and thoroughly cleaning the inside of our lovely car, with the lovely help of Master H. We then took a trip down to the local car wash that I have driven by many times but never been in and had the full mammouth clean! The car was washed, waxed, buffed and blowed dried and came out cleaming.

Then for afternoon activity me and Indie took ourselves off for a lovely walk to try out his new "Gencol" collar that goes in a figure of 8 around his nose and over his ears and stops him pulling. Oh my goodness it worked a treat, it was such a pleasure walking him and he was a happy boy as he found a new tennis ball which he held nearly the whole walk.

The one big downfall to the weekend is my poor wife for the first time in over 25 years decided on her day off on Thursday to spend some lovely quality time with her mum and her horse. The horse is an ex race horse and liked to be ridden in a certain way. Mrs P was doing well till almost the end when Leo decided upon entering a canter he would buck her off, hence falling a good 5 feet to the ground! So now Mrs P is walking like John Wayne and has extreme pain in her back which I think will materialise into a HUGH bruise.

Today in the post I had two lovely packages, one next months Country Living Magazine which I have subscribed too again as I just love it and then a truely gorgeous packet from my Aunt in Holyhead whom I wrote too last week. My parents will have reached their incredible Golden Wedding 50 year anniversary next month so with the help of my Aunt I can now give them an awesome surprise with the help of MIL, all of which will be revealed at the end of July.

Finally I wanted to share a few images of the lovely garden of how the flowers purchased from Malvern Flower Show are doing well and the self seeding part the Mrs P put down without telling me!

Tommorw looks like a rainy day so hoping to head off to the cinema
and watch Men in Black 3. So till next time have a great weekend.

P.s. I have added an extra feature to my blog as it is lovely to know where in the world people are viewing your blog from and from the beginning of starting my blog now have over an amazing 6000 page views, along with over 16 different countries as at 15th May. I would dearly love to know what people think when reading my blog so if you have a minute please share your thoughts. Many thanks indeed.


  1. I've got washing the floor on my list too (to be honest, it's been there for a while now!) - think that will be tomorrows job. Not feeling too much like doing it as Littlest Boy keeps purposely knocking his juice over at the moment :/ Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and that Mrs P feels better soon x

  2. I make lists too; it feels like a great achievement when I get to strike each item off - blimey, that makes me sound like a right saddo!! Snap - I got my copy of Country Living yesterday too and saved it for a quiet cuppa and cake moment.

    P.S. Hope Mrs P's back is getting better. I have a history of back pain, so can sympathize.

  3. I hope Mrs P's back is ok, falling off a horse is scary.