Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blue shades.

Having taken the dogs for a lovely walk, I sat on my favourite comfy chair in the garden, (my favourite spot in the whole house) ready for some crotchet time as it has been over a year since staring my blanket so want to get it finished.

However what was ment to be a wet day has turned into a glorious warm day.

I looked up at the sky and just had to take some pictures of the lovely clouds and shades of blue, along with the glass "eye" we brought back from Turkey last year. Along with one shot of the blanket which is a perfect lap size at the moment.


  1. Wow - you had great skies yesterday! I love the billowing clouds :) We mostly had clouds and drizzle yesterday!!!

  2. We have one of those eyes hanging over our front door. BTW, I love those shades in your blanket - gorgeous!