Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What a glourious wet day.

I can not believe it is 1st May already!!

Here in the Uk it has gone from a possible drought warning a few weeks ago to floods in parts of the country now.

I love dog walking anyway is such a treat after being stuck in an office.  So today with my wellies and waterproofs on off I set for a walk to one of my favourite areas of Cheltenham at the race course.

It was brilliant just lovely splish splash splashing along in the glourious wet puddles. So here are some pictures. I would have had more but as I got to the lovely alpaca's which I adhore but to my horror the battery had run out, so I missed out on some gorious images of bluebells, Indie playing with a hugh traffic cone and the most amazing landscape image of Cleeve hill suddenly being covered in black cloud and the famous three radio masts looked so mystical covered in low cloud, then all of a sudden the sun came out and cast a lovely yellow glow over part of the hill.

Anyway enough rambling....

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  1. Did it rain lots? I would have loved to have seen indi with that traffic cone! Did it rain while you were out? From your loving son hxxx