Monday, 14 May 2012

Garden plants

Having attended the Spring Flower show at the Malvern yesturday I came away with eleven lovely plants along with a lovely wire gecko which now hangs proudly on the back wall of the garden.

Having gone around the stalls of which their was such a variety of crafts, food, drink and of course flowers I decided when I got home and planted my plants I bought that I would find out which plants I could hopefully propergate and provide double the value for money from in the future.

I bought

Diascia which it says is an annual.

Verbena which is self seeding which is great and a great favourite of butterflies apparently.

Argyranthemum can be planted and will grow in almost any setting and can have cuttings taken.

I am hoping to take cuttings from all my plants.

So I look forward to watching them grow and hopefully manage to produce some of my own plants.

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