Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cloud formations and transport.

Their are never two days the same on a dog walk too the race course but today was particularly fun.

The weather was a combination of sun, showers, hail and thunder storms.

We started our walk as we do most days just strolling across the field, but stopped in our tracks when there in the middle of the field was a great big glider!  Indie really didn't know what to make of it and started barking at this hugh objected that had landed in his field.

We decided not to go the usual way of round the field twice but to head up passed the alpaca farm and along the footpath parallel to the race track.  This is a lovely walk next to a stream with lots of lovely wild flowers out.

Once we had passed the entrance to the course you come to Cheltenham's Steam Railway.  I love the steam trains must be my dad's trait handed down too me.  I said to the ticket inspector "I have lived in Cheltenham for over twenty years and never been to their station, only photographed the trains from the field."

I loved the bright bunting hanging up.  As we got down to the platform the heavens opened so we sheltered under the cover.  It was so nice to see the train pull off with the pillowing smoke coming from it.

We headed back to the car in time to beat the next heavy down pour, but what a lovely walk.


  1. I wonder where the glider came from. The cloud formations are impressive.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..