Sunday, 23 June 2013

Trip to the car boot.

Yesturday i spent a few hours tidying the garden in anticipation of today's trip to the local car boot.

We had a really enjoyable look round.  Their were so many things for sale ranging from antiques, to fruit and veg, second hand books and clothes let, lovely cake stand were we got a Lemon Drizzle cake for Mrs P.

But i had the plant stalls in my sights.  But before i finalised which one i came across this lovely pot.

Unfortunately i didn't have enough money for this and plants but Master H came to the rescue and bought it for me.

So for £15 wirh the help of the stall holder i purcahsed well over 20 plants all of which should be hardy or self seeding sos will carry on year after year.

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