Sunday, 2 June 2013

All things Lavender.

The 1st of June marked the opening day of Cotswold Lavender Farm.

Now as I had the idea of crotchet and filing little bags with the gorgeous aroma of Lavender I thought where better to head.

However as you can see the fields are far from being awash with an amazing glow of purple and apparently they are late flowering, so I shall have to try and take another trip out in a month and try the Lavender scones at the same time and hopefully capture this kind of image.

Instead I was happy to buy one small Lavender plant from the beautiful array they had on display and pop it in my pot.

On the drive to the farm we pass through the very picturesque town of Broadway where I have been many times, but it never loses it's appeal. 

I notice new things each time I go, for example the local India Restaurant building dates back to 1450!

They have a lovely cooking shop too which has so many lovely little nick nacks.

I would have loved to purchased Mrs P the oven gloves just perfect.  The apron was much more my style though.

The buildings were just such a treat of pure purple too.

We also had a look around one of the local art galleries and Mrs P found a dog to tickle.

By this point it was time for a snack so we heading for snack time to Tisanes Tearooms.

We sat in the garden and even the trees brought beautiful colour against the vivid blue sky.

Before heading home we popped into Wool in Broadway a lovely shop run by Pat and it is full from floor to ceiling with delicious yarns.  I could not resist buying Issue 51.

Today I have finally managed to make a Lavender bag that I have been wanting to make for a few weeks and I can finally send a small parcel of crotchet goodies to my Aunt in Holyhead.

What do you think do you like it?


  1. Oh I love Wool in Broadway - what a lovely lady running it - so friendly.

    Your sachets are fab:)

  2. Yeah Pat is so lovely, I worked for her for a while.

    Glad you like the Lavender bag shame there is not smelly option on here as they are lovely.

  3. Gorgeous....I would SO love to visit a lavender farm, definitely on my list of must-do's!

  4. Glad you like Luce,

    I am looking forward to a revisit to see the glourious colour.