Monday, 27 June 2011

What a sunny weekend.

Oh my goodness I think the whole of England had the joy of hot sunny weather yesturday.

We took the dogs out early on the usual walk what glorious sight such blue sky against the green green grass.

On the way too and from the field is a lovely sight of chocolate, tan and cream Alpaca's running around the field, they have had their coats shorn (would love to know what they do with the fleece) and they look like they are sporting little socks, so sweet.

In anticipation of my exciting purchase of a teapot, I have narrowed the hunt down I have the teapot stand which I purchased on a school trip with my boy to the Black Country Musem which was a fantastic day out with 50 children.

I love the stand made from local slate and of course I had to pick a sheep design!

The garden is so colourful now I wanted to share it with you and keep a record for myself.  I have to confess I have no idea of either the Latern or English names for many plants in the garden, plus we are gathering seeds from various places and just throwing them in the garden and seeing what takes and what doesn't so it is always a surprise what we get!

For the first time we have really got into to trying vegetables on our patio.  My dad was a star and planted a great purpose made potato planter for us which is coming on great and H brought home from school some tomatoes he is growing in gardening club, it is the little things at times that bring you pleasure.

Lastly as it was too hot to paint the trellis in the garden I decided to wind another ball of my lovely Fyperspates yarn for my ongoing project.

Have a lovely week, long may it stay warm :)


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