Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday and Lady Jane Tea Rooms

Their are three things in my life that I love (apart from my family who I love more than anything!)

They are in order Knitting, photography and gardening, oh and flowers. Ok four things!!  So for people that follow or take time out to read my blog will know it is a culmination of all four things.  Today's is however mainly just two photography and gardening.

Today is Easter Sunday which is great on many levels.  (A) easter eggs = chocolate, (B) a visit from the folks yesturday which was a lovely day and finally (C) I treated the wife who is thankfully getting well on the way to being on the mend to a meal at our favourite Tea Rooms "Lady Jane" in beautiful Winchcombe.

Looking back at my blog it was 20 June 2010 that we took a mad trip via our bikes over to this lovely town and I did a more comprehensive blog.  cycle-lunch-knitting-what-beautiful-day.

This morning I decided to have a look around the garden and photograph it as the flowers are now starting to come into their own and to keep a record of it's progress throughout it's gardening year, so here is a record of that.

This was a beautiful easter pot/flowers from the folks

Some Lavender cutters

My honeysuckle

The grape vine

The Willow Tree

Pyracantha bush

The last Tulips

We have decided this year to having a go at growing more veg so this is the patio veg patch so far.

We have some Broad Beans, Beetroot and Lettuce growing.  But as yet to do anything are Carrots, Parsnips, Onions and dad planted some potatoes for us yesturday too.

Now for easter....

This amazingly large Creme Egg admittedly I do have to share with Harry :( but the lovely hand made felt bag filled (well going down fast) mini eggs I don't and the lovely hand made card by Penny's very talented mother.

For lunch today was our treat the lovely Lady Jane Tea rooms as I mentioned so here is a taste of what everyone who is in the area should go and visit.

It is run by the most lovely couple Niki and Kevin.

We had Sunday lunch of Roast Lamb but in my hunger I forgot to photograph it opps.

But never fear after a lovely walk around Winchcombe we went back and we had a cream tea in the gorgeous garden.

So I do hope you have enjoyed a little dip into my Easter Sunday and that you have had an equally lovely day.

Until next time...

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