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The break is over.

Looking back on my blog my last entry was October, so a long break of 6 months!

A dear friend suggested I get back into blogging. I was unsure as I am a private person and wondered whether too.

So over the past week I have been going through the reading list of people I follow and really enjoy the ability to read and view image's.

I started this blog as a type of diary to be able to look back. I am definately not they tyle of person to do a "visual" blog and admire people who can sit in front of a camera and do that and I do so love to watch. So from the safety net of words and picture's I will share my love of photography, which is all done on my phone. My passion for knitting, my garden and what ever else I want to record for "safe keeping ".

So if you have a spare bit of time please do enjoy with me and let me know what you think.

I'm kicking off the blog with some of the trips I have had.

My first trip out was in Decmeber to my special place Slimbridge that I have been a member of for over 15 year's.

I am blessed to have a dear friend called Karen who has not like so many people visited Slimbridge since she was young. Her enthusiasm was infectious.  She knows me so well to know I would have sock knitting with me!

At the end of December we saw the beginning of a few spouts of snow that the UK experienced.

Here in Cheltenham we were lucky not to be hit too badly, but the snow did lend itself to some beautiful photographs highlighting the sheer delicate detail of nature.

Next in my journey at the end of February myself and Karen took the train to Weston-Super-Mare.

Living in Cheltenham we are surrounded by stunning countryside, but I do so love water.

To me Weston holds many great memories of growing up, I went to college here and in the past few year's my family had rented a lovely bungalow in the next town along and stayed for a week at a time, being able to take the dogs for long walks on the beach.

Sadly this bungalow was sold and we now have a different dog, who is not very tolerate of much so it has not been possible to stay away with him.

So now the trips have been caught up with my next post will be about my knitting and designing journey.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this, please do let me know I love to hear from you.


  1. Following the link from Winwick mum. We've been to Cheltenham today to drop off son at uni at The Park. Drove from there down the m5 to Tyntesfield for an excellent visit. Saw the sign to Slinbrige on the way past so may do that next time. Love a day out!

  2. Hi Sara I've popped over from IG glad to see I'm not the only one who has decided to come back to blogland over the last month. I found once I had stopped it was hard to get back into the swing of blogging not sure why as I had always enjoyed it. I think sometimes life just gets in the way of things but I'm glad I found my blog mojo again. Have added you to my follow list.



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