Saturday, 19 September 2015

Coming Together Shawl Design.

This year I decided to design my own shawl using Triskelion Emrys-lace weight 

It is an absolute dream to knit with and the drape is perfect.

My colour ways were Anvil and Maes.

My design encompasses both texture and lace knitting.

Part of the inspiration is from within but I also used this image to help me.

My knitting has been travelling with me over the summer holidays and has been #placesyoucanknit.

It has been to the very top of Snowdonia, South Stack on Angelsea, Holyhead Marina, Beaumaris and Slimbridge.

The progress was very enjoyable of this project.

With a week to go before Yarndale I am on the final section of knitting which I have been doing morning and night.

I looked up today to be greeted with this gorgeous dog playing peek-a-boo!

Finally with a week to go before Yarndale I have finished the design.

I have decided to keep it as a shawl as it is much more versatile to wear.

What do you think? Do you like it? Would love to have your thoughts. 

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