Sunday, 28 September 2014

Meet Mr Donald Mill Mouse

This year as per last year my beautiful wife paid for my accommodation at the lovely Woolly Sheep Inn and my mum pays for my train journey.  So I was able to go to the first ever Yarndale and the return journey this year.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy aka Attic 24 who is a worldwide phenomenon in the crotchet world with her incredibly written blog.

Lucy shares a studio above the delicious café Cooper's where you can get the loveliest food.

The other skilled lady to work in the Studio is Tracey owner of Handmade Over Yonder.  She creates truly beautiful handmade keepsakes.

On 9th August this year a kind, caring, quiet, athletec man my Dad went to heaven to watch over my Mum, me and my Sister.

As soon as I saw Mr Mill House Mouse I knew I had to have it as a keepsake to remember my beautiful dad and have it forever to remind me of the many times we spent walking and cycling together as he just loved the outdoors.


  1. What a lovely keepsake to remember your Dad by :-) xx

  2. I loved dropping by and visiting your blog. You have some
    gorgeous little creations. Nice memory to remember your
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Thank you very much Anita, I will try and post more posts.