Sunday, 1 September 2013

It is all about cars

For the second part of my amazing weekend me and H went to Prescott Hill Climb which I never relaised was so close to us based in the lovely Cotswolds.

It is a mixture of classic and very current cars which are very loud and very fast!!

So if you don't like cars look away!

To start with we didn't even get to the track before we saw amaxing cars just in the car park.

Then we found the track and all the different áreas to view the time trials from.

This is my favourite colour scheme.
I loved this exhaust.
I love the track, goodness these cars were noisee!!
This was my son's favourite car.

What I really enjoyed about the whole day was the fact that you could go around all areas and see everything.  Well worth a trip.

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  1. I went to Prescott years ago and really enjoyed myself - being a bit of a car nut! I had a Reliant Scimitar at the time and wondered about giving hill climb a bit of go as it looked like fun. Alas, I never got round to doing so.