Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lavender pillow

I am happy to say I completed a little Lavender pillow which was completed at my fortnightly Knit and Knatter I am more than pleased with the outcome and will be making more.

The pillow has a hook and eye to hold down the top and the inner Lavender bag can be taken out and refilled as and when required.
On the outside I embellished a design and am thinking of other projects I can work on to make more of this.

The lavender pillow was sold as part of a set to a work colleague who was very happy with them, which I was really pleased with.

I have also added to my double coaster set with more colours. 

These items for sale on both Etsy and the Bristish equivalent Folksy.

Now to finish my HUGH crotchet double bedspread and knitted cardi.

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